Axel Bidon-Chanal Badia
Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique
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Biographical sketch

Axel Bidon-Chanal studied Chemistry in the University of Barcelona and recieved his BSC 2002. That same year he joined the Computational Biology and Drug Design group under the direction of F. Javier Luque in the department of Physical Chemistry at the Faculty of Pharmacy of Barcelona where in 2003 started his PhD under the supervision of F. Javier Luque and Modesto Orozco. In 2008 he recieved his PhD after the defense of the thesis entitled Comprehensive study of ligand diffusion and bindingin proteins. In 2010 he joined the EDAM group and dircted his research towards the study membrane proteins. Besides his scientific carrer he has been associate professor from the Physical Chemistry Department of the Faculty of Pharmacy in the University of Barcelona since 2002.

Research areas
Modeling of protein-membrane interaction, free-energy calculations in biological systems, drug design.

Selected publications
  1. A. Bidon-Chanal, Marcelo A. Martí, Alejandro Crespo, Mario Milani, Modesto Orozco, Martino Bolognesi, F. Javier Luque, and Dario Estrín. Ligand-induced dynamical regulation in Mycobacterium tuberculosis truncated-hemoglobin-N, Proteins, 64, 2006, 457-464.
  2. Axel Bidon-Chanal, Marcelo A. Martí, Darío A. Estrin, and F. Javier Luque, Dynamical Regulation of Ligand Migration in the Truncated Hemoglobin-N from Mycobacterium tuberculosis: Assessment of the Role of the TyrB10-GlnE11 Pair, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 129, 2007, 6782-6788
  3. Camps, Pelayo; Formosa, Xavier; Galdeano, Carles; Gomez, Tania; Munoz-Torrero, Diego; Scarpellini, Michele; Viayna, Elisabet; Badia, Albert; Clos, M. Victoria; Camins, Antoni; Pallas, Merce; Bartolini, Manuela; Mancini, Francesca; Andrisano, Vincenza; Estelrich, Joan; Lizondo, Monica; Bidon-Chanal, Axel; Luque, F. Javier. Novel Donepezil-Based Inhibitors of Acetyl- and Butyrylcholinesterase and Acetylcholinesterase-Induced β -Amyloid Aggregation. J. Med. Chem., 51, 2008, 3588-3598.
  4. Francesca Spyrakis, Axel BidonChanal, Xavier Barril and F. Javier Luque. Protein Flexibility and Ligand Recognition: Challenges for Molecular Modeling. Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry.

Recent publications

Water-Controlled Switching in Rotaxanes
Shuangli Du; Haohao Fu; Xueguang Shao; Christophe Chipot; Wensheng Cai;
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C (2018) 122 (16): 9229-9234

Accurate Estimation of the Standard Binding Free Energy of Netropsin with DNA
Hong Zhang; Hugo Gattuso; Elise Dumont; Wensheng Cai; Antonio Monari; Christophe Chipot; Francois Dehez;
Molecules (2018) 23 (2): 129-
BFEE: A User-Friendly Graphical Interface Facilitating Absolute Binding Free-Energy Calculations
Haohao Fu; James C. Gumbart; Haochuan Chen; Xueguang Shao; Wensheng Cai; Christophe Chipot;
Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling (2018) 58 (3): 556-560